Is Your Vice Really That Bad for You?

Most of us have an everyday vice that we just can’t seem to live with out. While many of these habits tend to be harmless, some can be harmful to your health! We break down which vices are truly terrible, and which you can keep indulging (with little guilt). 

1. Vices: Coffee

Coffee: Keep It!

Many of us can’t get through the day with out a cup of joe (or two). Well good news java lovers: drinking a cup or more a day can lead to a longer life! New research found that those who drink coffee live longer. Coffee contains 1,000 compounds, most of which are health-promoting antioxidants, shown to prevent diseases such as cancer and diabetes. 

2. Vices: Smoking

Smoking: Ditch It!

Duh, right? But seriously chicas, smoking is a big deal. This bad habit is linked to numerous cancers, as well as lung disease, and heart disease (just to name a few). Making matters worse, second hand smoke can be just as harmful to the health of those around you. So if you have kids or a significant other, you may want to consider ditching the ciggs for good.

3. Vices: Alcohol

Alcohol: Keep It! (In Moderation)

There have been tons of conflicting reports throughout the years on whether or not alcohol may be good for you. New research shows that moderate amounts of alcohol can be beneficial to your health by decreasing your risk of diabetes, heart attack, stroke, gallstones, and certain cancers. So what is moderate drinking? It’s defined as one drink a day for women and two drinks for men. So pass the margarita, but don’t make it a double! 

(Warning: With alcohol it is important to remember that only moderate drinking provides health benefits. Drinking alcohol excessively is very harmful for your health, so make sure you keep it moderate to reap the benefits.)

4. Vices: Sugar

Sugar: Ditch It!

There nothing better than relaxing after a hard day at work with your good friends Ben & Jerry. The pint of ice cream may seem like a good idea at the time, but new research shows the sugar may actually be more toxic to your body than you thought. Besides causing weight gain, sugar consumption is linked to heart disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and cancer. While indulging your sweet tooth every once in awhile is okay, limiting the amount of sugar in your diet is best for optimum health. 

5. Vices: Social Media

Social Media: Ditch It! (If You’re Truly Addicted)

Most of us spend a majority of our day checking our Facebook and Twitter accounts. While obsessing on social media can be relatively harmless for most people, some can get seriously addicted. Norwegian researchers found that women and young people are the most at risk for developing a social media addiction, which they say is just as addictive as drugs and alcohol. So if you tend to get withdrawals when you miss your Facebook fix, you may want to consider giving it up for awhile. 

6. Vices: TV

TV: Ditch It!

Sometimes the best remedy after a long day is kicking back and watching your favorite TV show. The bad news is, this seemingly innocent habit may be wreaking havoc on your health. Researchers discovered that watching TV for more than three hours a day may cut your life span by two years, and put you at an 80 percent risk for developing cardiovascular disease. The same goes for sitting in general for this time period. Researchers suggest getting up and moving around through out the day as much as possible to prevent developing these harmful diseases. 

7. Vices: Swearing

Swearing: Keep It! (Just Watch Your Words)

Sometimes a girl’s just got swear! While there is definitely a time and a place to drop these choice words, studies show that swearing can actually help relieve pain. Scientists believe swearing elicits an emotional response which leads to a "stress-induced analgesia,” that keeps the pain at bay. So the next time you shout out expletives after stubbing your toe or hitting your elbow, you may be doing yourself a favor. 

8. Vices: Tanning

Tanning: Ditch It!

For most of us, our favorite thing about summer is working on that golden glow. While moderate amounts of sun exposure can be good for your health (no more than 30 minutes), excess sun exposure, especially from the tanning booth, can be just as harmful to your health as smoking. Researchers discovered that the chance of developing skin cancer jumps 75 percent in those who use tanning beds before the age of 30. Our advice? Use sunless tanner