Latina Fitness With Evelyn Lozada: "5 Ways Exercising Can Make You Feel Gorgeous!"

Summer has just started and it’s time to get into tip-top shape for the rest of the upcoming months! It’s no secret if you exercise, you will be healthier, feel good and look good! Exercise can have a very positive effect on your overall appeal. Here's how:

1. Exercise = Gorgeous 1

Flow of Circulation.

Did you know that if you increased and improved your circulation that you can improve your skin tone? Yes, improved circulation gives our skin oxygen. This results in a clearer complexion and a post-workout glow! 

2. Exercise = Gorgeous 2

Do away with bloating.

We could all use a little less bloating, especially for us ladies who may experience this once a month.  Normally, when you workout, you get your lymphatic system going and this helps you decrease water retention in our bodies and decrease puffiness!

3. Exercise = Gorgeous 3

Wrinkles Be GONE!

Did you know that exercise will take away your wrinkles?  If you exercise for a certain amount of time, this will stimulate your collagen and elastin production. You need to do this on top of drinking youthH2O five times a week for three weeks because youthH2O also improves collagen!

4. Exercise = Gorgeous 4

Being Healthy is Gorgeous. 

This is one attribute we can all agree on: Healthy people are simply gorgeous! If you do moderate exercises, you will get a more youthful appearance. Get on that treadmill!

5. Exercise = Gorgeous 5

Let’s SWEAT. 

Being that sweat is released through our pores, it cleans out dirt and oils that are trapped inside of them. When you perspire it helps fight acne because it contains a natural antibiotic that helps fight acne. It is very important to rinse your entire body as soon as you workout in order to receive these benefits. You don’t want to wait too long and get clogged pores.

Let’s not forget that overall, everyone knows exercising boosts your confidence and will make you feel gorgeous! Don’t you agree?