Latina Artist Uses Disney Princesses to Show How ACA Repeal Will Impact Women

Throughout the years, many of us have looked to Disney Princesses as role models of what we should aspire to be. But activist Danielle Sepulveres and illustrator Maritza Lugo have developed a different type of plotline for them — one with a not-so happy ending.

Their project on Disney Princesses going to the OB-GYN during Donald Trump's presidency showcases how women like Pocahontas or Elena of Avalor would be treated in a U.S. where the Affordable Care Act has been repealed. 

"Juxtaposing [the popularity of Disney Princesses] with a more serious topic seemed to me like it might be a strong way to make an audience pay closer attention to women's health care," Sepulveres told Bustle.

The idea came to Sepulveres after searching for projects drawing attention to cervical health online and finding nothing. She contacted Lugo to see if she was interested in creating the series and addressing the current political climate in the U.S. through art. They brainstormed every illustration together, and this is the end result. 

"Our message is, 'Don't be complacent, fight for your rights and we'll fight for you," Sepulveres said. "Healthcare is a right, not a privilege."

Check out each image below.

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1. Trump Repeal Shown Through Disney Princesses: 1

Tiana has to find another way to protect herself from fatal illnesses because she can't get a vaccination.

2. Trump Repeal Shown Through Disney Princesses: 2

With the passing of the North Dakota and Keystone XL pipelines, Pocahontas' water would probably be contaminated.

3. Trump Repeal Shown Through Disney Princesses: 3

Belle wouldn't be able to get any type of birth control, either. 

4. Trump Repeal Shown Through Disney Princesses: 4

Ariel's voice has literally been stolen from her — by a white Republican politician.

5. Trump Repeal Shown Through Disney Princesses: 5

Jasmine and Aladdin will be forced to have a burial or cremation after miscarrying a child.

6. Trump Repeal Shown Through Disney Princesses: 6

Elena of Avalor is being shamed for being Latina and going to Planned Parenthood.