This Dancing Vagina Can Teach Us All An Important Lesson About Consent

Consent does not have to be complicated. 

That's the message Project Consent hopes to get across in a series of videos starring an animated vagina and penis and their friends, a laughing breast and eager hand. 

In the video above, Project Consent breaks down the concept (spoiler: it's not that hard to understand) and underlines the importance of communication. "If it's not yes, it's no," the tagline reads.

Project Consent created the animations to "combat and deconstruct rape culture by raising awareness of the harmful way with which it is regarded in society" and to "advocate for a future in which sexual abuse is not trivialized in the world."

Sober, drunk, naked, making out, condom on — whateverwhenever, wherever. No means no. Always. At any time. See? It's simple.

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