Dad Bods Are Nothing New, But Mom Bods Should Be

Dad Bods Are Nothing New, But Mom Bods Should Be

A new word that has recently entered the lexicon is annoying me as much as "promposal. It’s “dad bod". If you’re new to this conversation, congratulations, you don’t live in the world of online listicles. Now let me ruin that for you. A dad bod is when a healthy young man looks like a normal person and not a ‘roided out juicehead. The end.

This whole dumb thing started when a Clemson University student wrote an article claiming that her roommate coined the phrase “dad bod” to describe the kind of men she likes. “I hadn't heard about this body type until my roommate mentioned it,” Mackenzie Pearson wrote.

Really? You hadn’t heard about guys that “go to the gym occasionally” but also “drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time" who also have bodies? Wow. At what Ken Doll factory are you residing?

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As far as I can tell from Pearson's explanation, a dad bod is “not an overweight guy, but it isn't one with washboard abs, either,” or a guy who might “skip the gym for a few brews,” making him “seem more human, natural, and attractive. A dadbod is most young men in America and probably more than a few older ones, too.

Women have been settling for down with this body type since the beginning of time. You know why? Because most men don’t have washboard abs! And we’re okay with that. Women are nothing if not pragmatic.

Here’s a thought: most women don’t have sculpted bodies, either. What if someone was to introduce the concept of the "mom bod"? You know, a woman with a little bit of a bulge in her tummy area. Maybe her boobs are saggy from having breastfed her kids and just, you know, age. She’s got stretch marks, cellulite and even a tiny scar from her last C-section, but she occasionally hits the gym and even orders a salad sometimes. Men could love her because she’s more human, natural and attractive. Anybody?