I Tried Cryotherapy Like Laurie Hernandez and This is What Happened to My Body

I Tried Cryotherapy And This Is What Happened to My Body

Fast forward to me standing in the chamber — immediately, the cold hits your skin, and all I could think is, “Is it over yet?" Then, I focused. Oddly enough, Mosomillo and another employee were standing in the cryo room with me — a #1 rule for all treatments. It makes sense, too. Time flew by, being that I had two friends with me chewing my ear off about what was happening to my body. Before I knew it, three minutes was up, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a warm robe.

“After you come out of the unit, all that warmed up blood that's stored in the body starts to recirculate through your entire body, and that's where you get your healing properties from,” the cryo expert explained. That would explain the numbness and the tingling felt throughout my body with every step I took. It only lasted a few minutes though, until my body returned to its normal temperature.

The cold wasn’t over yet, though. After the full body treatment, I was treated to a 6-minute “facial” — using Kryolife’s spot-treatment technology. The machine uses the same temperatures and air as the chamber, but allows clients to target certain muscles or areas that they want to focus on most. I can officially say I had the most relaxing six minutes of my work week. The facial treatment left my skin feeling tighter, brighter and overall more energized.

Of course, my short visit to Kryolife didn’t drastically change anything long-term. "We recommend a series of ten treatments and that's only because research has shown that ten treatments is the minimum required to get the body detoxified and rid of as much inflammation,” Mosomillo explained. “Obviously, if there's a situation where someone's coming in with fibromyalgia or an MS client or someone with arthritis, they may need more treatments, but ten is the minimum. Those ten treatments need to be done within a three-and-a-half week period, and that's just to keep the body in tune and get rid of the inflammation as much as possible.”

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I left feeling revived, refreshed, and open-minded about holistic wellness. But what actually happened to my body, you ask? Aside from a glowing complexion, I did feel a bit more energized for my gym sesh later in the day. Mosomillo also claimed that after hopping into the chamber herself, she has a full, restful night's sleep.

I’d love to incorporate cryo into my regular wellness routine, but it’s safe to say I’d pretty much never eat again, considering the hefty price. Most locations range anywhere from $50-$100 — not per package, but per three-minute session! An idea: Try cryotherapy in the summer, when you’re not affected by the cold — and when you can turn your AC off to save a buck or two.