5 Crazy Weight Loss Tricks That Really Work!

Christina Aguilera recently spoke up about her weight loss, revealing that she tries to squeeze in a workout when she can but doesn't stress about it. Inspired by her seemingly flawless weight loss, we wanted to check out some of the other diets and exercise programs that seem too good to be true (flawless abs in just 5 minutes a day?!) but research may prove actually works. Here are the 5 crazy weight loss tricks that may actually help you lose weight!

1. Crazy Exercises: 7 Minute Workout

The Scientific 7-Minute Workout

Published in The New York Times recently, this scientifically-proven workout basically amounts to circuit training. There are 12 exercises that are actually a lot more intense than they seem. The only caveat? Scientists recommend you do the circuit 2-3 times for a full effect. So much for just 7 minutes!

2. Crazy Exercises: 5 Minute Abs

5-Minute Abs (Proven in a Lab!)

Always wanted those hot, flat abs that JLo flaunts during her concerts? We do! Well, now an exercise physiologist has figured out the fastest, most effective way for you to get the abs you've always wanted. 

3. Crazy Exercises: Cookie Diet

The Cookie Diet (Yes, Really!)

Dr. Sanford Siegal, believing that hunger is the main problem for people trying to lose weight, developed a "diet cookie" that is said to help you lose weight. Good Morning America reports that celebs like Jennifer Hudson and Denise Richards used it to lose weight by eating 6 of the specially formulated cookies a day, along with a 500 calorie dinner. 

4. Crazy Exercises: Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet (a.k.a. Eat Like a Cavewoman)

Some people say that going back to our caveman roots and eating a paleolithic diet that consists of lean meats such as fish and grass-fed beef. There's also a lot of vegetables and berries in the diet, though no grains. It's a very low-carbohydrate diet and it seems to really work for some. 

5. Crazy Exercises: Scientific Ab Workout

The Best Scientifically Proven Ab Workout

Originally published in Prevention magazine and tested by a personal trainer, this exercise program works because it's actually more like a cardio and ab workout in one. It's not an easy one to do, though, since there's 150 instances of each exercise. But it's what we need to do for great abs, right?