Chilean Government Issues Warning After Giving Out Over a Million Faulty Condoms

Chilean Government Issues Warning After Giving Over a Million Faulty Condoms

What a nightmare — family health centers across Chile might have given out over a million faulty condoms. 

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The Chilean government has issued a health alert on Tuesday, according to Reuters. Health centers complained about the Kaiju condoms distributed from China for being small and breaking easily during demos.

The public health institute ordered three batches of approximately 1.7 million contraceptives. In the meantime, citizens are being told to return the faulty condoms to health centers in exchange for new ones. 

Alex Figueroa, the public health institute director, says that it doesn't blame Kaiju but rather faulty storage techniques instead. Kaiju released a statement on their Facebook page saying the product had arrived in Chile in 2014 and 2015 and had been fully tested without problems, even keeping in mind the average Chilean penis size.

This is coming not too far after Chile lifted their strict abortion ban earlier this year. As the country with one of the highest abortion rates in Latin America, they have one of the highest maternal mortality rates as well. The law was amended in order to provide safer methods of abortion. They now allow the procedure in cases of rape, when the mother's health is at risk or when the fetus cannot be carried to term.