Brazilians Feel the Most Pressure to be Thin

Brazil is famous for it’s beautiful people, but apparently it comes at a price. According to a poll commissioned by Reader’s Digest for it’s February issue, 83% of Brazilians said that they felt pressure to be thin. Reader’s Digest polled around 16,000 people across 16 countries to determine attitudes with regards to weight loss and came to the general conclusion that too many people place an importance on being skinny.  Brazil ranked highest among all countries polled, in second and and third place were India and the United States with 68 and 62 percent of respondents respectively saying they felt it was important to be skinny in their countries.

In Brazil, where women are expected to wear as little as possible on the beach and during carnaval, body image is almost an obsession. But it seems that many who live there are also aware of the unrealistic expectations, 83 percent of Brazilians agree that there’s too much emphasis placed on weight. Needless to say, women universally feel this pressure much more than men. These attitudes may explain the growing trend of diet pill use among Brazilians and the boom in plastic surgery over the last few decades. Doctors in Brazil have even been known to offer Toe liposuction, to create more “toe cleavage”!

The country seemingly most in tune with how to lose weight sensibly? Mexico. Ninety-three percent of Mexicans report starting a healthier diet, while 86 percent have become more physically active in an attempt to lose weight. Ironically enough, almost seventy percent of the population in Mexico is obese (right behind the most obese country in the world, the United States).

 Tell us: What do you think? Do you believe there is an unhealthy obsession with weight in the world or do you think it’s great that ideas about healthy eating and exercise are going global?