5 Body Positive Podcasts Every Woman Needs in Her Life

In a body image slump? The podcasts ahead offer just about everything a woman needs to hear to turn things around: anti-fat shaming commentary, self-love, honest body image discussions, affirmations and more. 

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1. Body Positive Podcast: Body Love Wellness

The Body Love Wellness Podcast

Golda Poretsky tackles all issues that plus-size women deal with, including body image, acceptance, Health At Every Size®, responding to fat-shamers or concern trolls and more. 

2. Body Positive Podcast: Bad Fat Broads

Bad Fat Broads

The two ladies of Bad Fat Broads offer the world the "bad fat perspective on everything important." Listen as they dish on #FatGirlProblems in the most blunt and refreshing way ever.

3. Body Positive Podcast: Stuff Mom Never Told You

Stuff Mom Never Told You

This podcast, brought to you by How Stuff Works, gives women advice from every angle, and it gets down to the nitty-gritty details that mami never would have offered.

4. Body Positive Podcast: Big Curvy Love

Big Curvy Love

How do you manage the complicated world of dating as a woman of size? Kelly Glover tackles these issues and more on weekly episodes of BCL.

5. Fat Fitness Girl

Fat Fitness Girl

Blog host Katrina shatters the myth that bigger girls can't work out or be a force in the fitness world. Follow along as she offers tips for mastering workouts and helps you accept your body at any size.