10 Daily Affirmations That Will Boost Your Overall Health

Keeping your mind, body and soul in check isn’t always easy, but each requires TLC if we want overall good health.

The quotes ahead are little daily reminders that you already have the #MajorKey to success within you, in case you need the boost.

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1. Daily Affirmations: 1


Self-love #TeamSELF #morning #motivation #meme

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And don’t you forget it!

5. Daily Affirmations: 5


And to top it all off...it's #Friday!

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The answer is to simply be.

6. Dail Affirmations: 6


T R U T H Photo via @wellandgoodnyc

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Well, that was easy.

7. Daily Affirmations: 7


Here's to us #fitfam

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Motivation for the grind!

8. Daily Affirmations: 8

An important concept when focusing on physical health.

10. Daily Affirmations: 10


Water your own grass #truth #truthbomb #wisewords

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Remember: your health has nothing to do with anyone else.