5 Apps to Help Keep Your Fitness Game on Track

These days, staying on top of your health and nutrition game is easy, much thanks to your iPhone.

These fitness apps are most necessary when trying to stay on track. Best of all, they’re all free — because we’d rather spend our money on a post-workout smoothie, instead.

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1. Fitness App: Pear Personal Coach

Pear Personal Coach

This free, interactive app is a handheld personal trainer. It includes a variety of workouts, as well as recommendations based on your preferences.

2. Fitness App: Rock My Run

Rock My Run

Music is just as essential to an effective workout as are good running sneakers. RockMyRun will take it to the next level by providing upbeat music stations, playlists and more.

3. Fitness App: My Fitness Pal


This health and nutrition app is one of the most popular out there for a reason. MyFitnessPal allows you to accurate track every calorie and drop of water consumed, and every exercise you can think of.

4. Fitness App: Simple Steps

Simple Steps

If counting isn’t your thing, Simple Steps allows you to set one small goal per day in order to create better habits over time. 

5. Fitness App: Pact


Everyone knows that bribery works wonders from time to time. That’s why you can earn money from Pact, paid for by members of the app who don’t stick to their workouts.