Get Fit Fast for Summer (On a Budget)

Barry's Bootcamp

Being healthy and in shape should always be priority, but with summer approaching (and quickly!) it might be time to start thinking a bit more about moving that body. Barry’s Bootcamp – a favorite among celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian – is a high-intensity workout that blends dance moves, strength training and treadmills. Yes, treadmills.

Don’t have a Barry’s Bootcamp around? We got the skinny from trainer and co-president Joey Gonzalez, who opened New York’s first Barry’s studio, on how to get fit for summer (without breaking the bank).

What’s the ideal workout schedule?
“I recommend 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training 4-5 times a week,” says Gonzalez. “Aim high. If you're taking a day off, go for a nice walk around the neighborhood.”

Which is better, working out in the morning or the evening?
“Working out period whenever you can! Doing cardio in the morning can be beneficial in terms of fat burning.  Especially if done early, before breakfast.”

For someone who can't afford a gym membership, what’s a good good routine they can do on their own?
“Twenty-to-thirty minute interval runs moving at different speeds and levels of exhaustion. Also, [add] another 20 to 30 minutes of strength training using a set of weights, a band or even your own body weight.”

For Latinas food is a big part of every day life, what would you suggest is a good way to stay healthy without crazy dieting?
“Stay away from processed carbohydrates and sugar. Just do your best not to eat white breads.  I know it's tough, but use brown rice instead [of white rice].”

Barry's Bootcamp


Ready to get to work? Here’s a routine that’ll have you in shape – fast.

Note: When asked how many reps you should do, Gonzalez answered: “always to exhaustion!” All right, Gonzalez. Here we go.


Do tricep pushups and bicep pull-ups. You’ll be rockin’ Jessica Alba arms in no time.


Wall squats and lunge holds. Burn, baby, burn!


Kickbacks and isometrics hold. Jennifer Lopez has done a butt and legs class at Barry's Bootcamp before.


Plank position. (Yep, that weird fad was good for something.)