Avoid the New Relationship Weight Gain

Sad truth: most of us tend to put on a few pounds once we start a new relationship. It’s easy to understand why we gain those “love pounds”: Once you’re comfortable around someone, diet just doesn’t seem to matter as much. (Dessert, anyone?) Also, you typically adopt your partner’s eating habits, so if your man likes a bowl of ice cream after dinner, you’re likely to have one as well. California-based fitness coach Christina Barone shares with us five ways to avoid gaining weight in a new relationship.


1. Relationship Weight: Exercise

Don’t Forget To Exercise

Being in a new relationship means lots of nights eating junk food, and snuggling on the couch (pizza and Netflix!). Instead of sedentary together time, try to get some exercise in before the day is over. “Even moderate exercise can’t help get your metabolism going,” Christina says. “Try to work out before your date night, and see if your man wants to join you. Most men love a woman they can hit the gym with!” Also, Christina says being intimate with your partner is another great way to get your heart pumping. “Even kissing burns calories!” 

2. Relationship Weight: Eating

Don’t Feel The Pressure To Eat Like A Man

Men tend to eat more than women, and don’t always gain weight as quickly, mainly because they have more muscle mass. When dining, don’t give in to the pressure to eat the same amount of food on his plate. “Most men can get away with eating large amounts of food and not gain a pound,” Christina says. “So make sure to keep your portions in check when you’re splurging on your date nights.” 

3. Relationship Weight: Alcohol

Watch The Booze

Many of us like to loosen up on a date with a few drinks. Unfortunately, alcohol can quickly make you pack on the pounds, and excessive alcohol can be harmful to your health. “Drinks and dates go hand in hand,” says Christina. “However, you don’t have to drink with your partner to have a good time! With alcohol, less is always more, so keep the drinking in moderation because the calories will add up very quickly.”

4. Relationship Weight: Creative Dates

Be Creative With Your Date Nights

A typical date night doesn’t always have to be dinner and a movie. A little creativity on a night out can go a long way! “Bowling, mini-golf, laser tag, and shopping together are all great ways to change up your date nights and move around a bit,” explains Christina. “Even going for a walk on a beautiful fall evening can be romantic!” 

5. Relationship Weight: Cooking

Cook Healthy Meals Together

Who says eating in can’t be romantic? Cooking healthy meals with your partner is a great way to change things up a bit and eat a little healthier. “Cooking your meals at home is always the healthier and more affordable option,” she says. “You can chop vegetables together, choose the food items together, and even do tastes tests as you go. It’s a very fun and extremely bonding experience!”