Latinos & AIDS: 9 Facts You Need To Know

The fight against AIDS is far from over for Latinos, but patients are living longer and creating awareness of the disease. Here are the 9 facts you NEED to know: 

1. AIDS slide 01 20 Percent

20 Percent: 

Latinos continue to be one of the groups most heavily impacted by the disease HIV/AIDS. Latinos make up 16 percent of the population, but 20 percent of new AIDS cases

2. AIDS slide 02 four


Latinas are four times more likely to have HIV/AIDS than white women. 

3. AIDS slide 03


AIDS is the sixth leading cause of death for Latinos. 

4. AIDS slide 04 1 in 36

1 in 36: 

The amount of Latinos who will be diagnosed with HIV? 1 in 36. 

5. AIDS slide 05 1 in 106

1 in 106:

1 in 106 Latinas will be diagnosed with HIV at some point in their life. 

6. AIDS slide 06 18


Before 1996, a person diagnosed with AIDS was expected to live 18 months. 

7. AIDS slide 07 24


A person diagnosed with AIDS today is expected to live 24 years. 

8. AIDS slide 08 4x


Puerto Rico has an HIV death rate higher than any other U.S. State or territory, nearly four times the national rate.

9. AIDS slide 09 $40


It costs as little as $40 to get tested for HIV at home. Here are some suggestions: 

Results are available 20 to 40 minutes after a user swabs her mouth.
Home Access HIV-1 Test System, $44. 
Users prick a finger and mail a drop of dried blood to a lab. Results are available seven business days after the sample arrives at the lab.