Your New Girl Crush: ADIDAS Ambassador Florencia Galarza Breaks Down Fitness, Fashion & Feminism

Your New Girl Crush: ADIDAS Ambassador Florencia Galarza Breaks Down Fitness & Feminism

Girls spend way too much of their lives hearing the word 'can’t.' We can’t run with the boys or we’ll skin her knees. We can’t find careers in male dominated fields. We can’t train as hard or we’ll get bulky, and too much cardio will destroy our hair.

Florencia Galarza is over the word can’t. The Miami-born pro soccer player is on the professional soccer team Boca Juniors in Argentina. And even though she can slaughter on the field, she carries her cleats in her Chanel bag.

We spoke with the flame emojis Adidas ambassador about the three F’s: fitness, fashion and feminism. Flo is about to get your entire life.

The Adidas brand is iconic. Tell us how you felt when you got the news that you were selected to be a brand ambassador.

So I’ve always been a huge fan of Adidas my entire life, from hip-hop when Run DMC would rock Adidas. My family is from Argentina and the soccer team from Argentina is sponsored by Adidas, so I’ve always been around Adidas whether through fitness, music or fashion. About a year and a half ago I started talking to some people at Adidas because they noticed my fitness on my Instagram, how I played soccer, how I ran the NY Marathon and they loved everything that I was doing They thought that I would represent the brand great and asked me to be an ambassador. So I said yeah, obviously I would love too.

We love that you can mix fashion with sporty styles. Our readers loved your Selena Quintanilla tee paired with your Adidas sweats.

Yeah, I am Latina and I love music and fashion and I try to keep it really cute and feminine. Sometimes female athletes forget to be feminine and cute but that’s something that I make sure is a priority and that I don’t forget. I just got the most ridiculous manicure for my first preseason training session tomorrow. I’ll hold my cleats with like my super glittery gel nails and my crazy rings on Instagram. Right now I am just finishing unpacking and I have my Adidas cleats next to my Chanel heels.


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I love the fact that you can mix feminine style and still be so kickass on the field. What are some of the misconceptions about women in sports? What would be your message to girls at the junior high stage who are considering giving up sports to fit in?

I remember growing up with a ton of girls, struggling with the fact that if they continued to play sports that boys weren’t going to like them because they were super fit and athletic and strong. They weren’t girly and skinny. Everyone, guys and girls, love an athletic body. You are on a field with purpose, you are on that field with talent. There are athletes like Alex Morgan on the U.S. national team who’s super pretty. It’s okay. I am athletic and fit and I have my own pink bag and all the boys think I’m cute. Everything is changing. Strong is beautiful, fit is beautiful, that is where we are at right now. The stereotypes and misconceptions don’t really apply anymore, it is 2016. If you play a sport, if you play soccer, you’re still a woman, you’re still feminine and you also kick ass on the field. It’s so hot and amazing and you’re fit and you’re healthy.  It’s a beautiful thing.

You’ve always been athletic. How did you get started and what’s your regimen currently like as a professional athlete?

I’m in preseason training and it’s so hard, crazy running getting in shape, twice a day training. Then season should start in about a month. But I’m in Argentina for a reason. The men’s team is #1 in the world. They are like gods, they’re number one in the world, the best. So soccer in Argentina is religious. But for woman in soccer it’s like crickets, no one talks about it. If you’re a girl and you play soccer in Argentina literally they think the worst of you. So I am literally here to show Argentina that girls do play soccer. I’m stepping up front just putting my face out there. This is what girls who play soccer look like. It’s not what you guys think. So stop scaring girls from playing sports.

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