6 Great Cancer Support Organizations for Latinas

With the Susan G. Komen Foundation recently in the news for their controversial decision to cut funding to Planned Parenthood clinics that provide breast cancer screening and other health-related services to the public (which they have since apologized for and will revise the policy), we thought it was important for us to highlight some organizations around the country who specifically dedicate themselves to serving the Latino community when it comes to education and support for the cancer patient.

While February 4th is the official World Cancer Day, we think every day should be dedicated to education and awareness of this disease. There are many facts and figures out there, but one thing is for certain; there are more than 200,000 cases of breast cancer diagnosed each year in the United States and breast cancer is the most common cancer among Hispanic/Latina women. Some of these organizations listed are local and others are national, but all will be able to provide you with valuable information should you or a loved one need help and support during a difficult time.

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