15 Mins of Exercise a Day Helps You Live Longer, New Study Says

Got 15 minutes?

A new survey out of Taiwan has found that just 15 minutes of exercise a day can help you live longer.

The research, published in the Lancet, studied 400,000 people over 12 years and concluded that those that engaged in moderate exercise for 15 minutes a day, lived three years longer, and reduced their mortality by 14%.

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And while 30 minutes a day is still the recommended standard, we asked celebrity trainer Ary Nuñez for activities that will get you moving (and sweating) if you only have a quarter of an hour:  

Jump rope like when you were younger

First, measure the rope to your body: Stand on the rope, feet shoulder width apart, until it’s taut, and bring the handles to your breast line. Hand-foot coordination is important, as all of it happens at the same time. The less you hear yourself jumping, the better, it means you’re working properly and lifting your own body weight.

Squat till you feel the burn

These are the power foods of the lower body because we use 55% of our body to perform them. With a proper squat, you have to engage your core. Place heels together, with your toes pointed out. Drive with your heels out four paces apart. When you sit, try to maintain shoulder over hip, driving directly down into the ground. A squat must end above the knee. Your butt shouldn’t be at the same level as the knee.

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Power walk around your neighborhood

Walk briskly and keep your arms up. It’s also very therapeutic since it let’s you get out of your head. To strengthen thigh muscles, add knee lifts by bringing your knee up to your waist.

Dance like no one is watching

It burns many calories because you’re using your entire body. Put on your favorite tunes and rock it out. Dancing makes your heart sing. I’ve never seen someone look mad while dancing. You’re delivering more oxygen to your working muscles and it makes you happy.

Do a plank

It’s great for your abs and you’re using your entire body. Lay face down on an exercise mat with your elbows underneath your shoulders. Your wrists and elbows are at the perfect line. You’re lifting up using your forearms and toes to create a table. Your hips are in line with your shoulder, and your back is flat. Make sure your butt is not in the air. Try to hold for as long as you can.