10 Latinas Send Messages to Loved Ones with Breast Cancer

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we asked Latina readers on our Facebook page to send a message to a loved one who is suffering or has suffered from breast cancer. The outpouring of stories was remarkably touching – we appreciate those who responded.

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Here’s what ten Latinas had to say:

Lena Arellano: "My grandma Rosie is going on 4 years breast cancer free! She is truly a survivor and my hero!"

Elenita Vela: “For my mommy in law - I thank God that you came into my life, and I thank him even more that he gave you the courage to kick cancer, how you say “en las booties.” My momma in law is in her last week of treatment. My message to all… don’t give up… you are not alone.”

Jessica Marquez: “To my dearest mother, thank you for being the best mother that you were. Even though at times you weren't up to anything, you made sure your baby was well off! Even though cancer took you away from me, just know I am so thankful and appreciative of all that you have done and still continue to do from heaven! ♥”

Nancy Quintero Vargas: "My mom kicks cancer’s butt! I love Maria Sanchez."

Bonnie Carrillo: "I lost my sister, my best friend to breast cancer. My sister was such a kindhearted person; she would give you the sweater off her back if she knew you needed one, or give her brand new purse up if she knew I simply adored it and put her stuff in a grocery bag. She will be in our hearts forever... Brinda Lee Guzman is now our Guardian Angel… forever."

Laura Lopez: "To my mami: You were so brave and fought so much to keep us together even when we were all scared. Life gave us the privilege to keep you here with us to see your nietos be born :) I love you mami, and be ready to see your nietos soon!"

Mia Alvarado-Alvarez: "To all those women, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces, best friends that have fought and are still fighting the battle; know that we honor and remember you. You have impacted our lives. We hope that one day there will be a cure for cancer and the suffering will end."

Renee Perez Mora: “Mom is stage 4 terminal metastatic cancer. As the only one caring for her, it is beautiful to see how God has carried us these last 11 months as we gently say our goodbyes. Her perseverance has been amazing and attributed to my son, Nico, who celebrates his 19th birthday today of living. He is also a survivor of cancer and a leg amputation when he was 6 years old. The gift of life, love, and time is truly precious. Love always, fully, and endlessly. Te mando bendiciones y abrazos a todos. ♥♥”

Sangrona.com: “My dear sister, hear me from heaven. You fought a long and painful five years. Your daughters have taken the best from you and in spite of losing their mother and father within a six-month timeframe, they are doing extraordinarily well! We miss you and can't wait for the day we meet again!”

Erika Yesenia Gandara-Hinnaoui: “A mi Abuelita Minga and to my Tia Gloria Zaldivar. You both were put through a major test. You both surfaced and came out as WINNERS!!!! I admire your strength and your strong willpower to live.”