10 Best Sex Positions to Have a Baby

Thinking about adding a new member to the family? Here are some sex positions that could improve your chances of becoming pregnant!

In addition to these positions, many recommend to stay laying down after sex with feet raised and to also track your cycle. 

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1. Missionary

The most popular postion of them all! When the man is on top it allows the sperm to flow more easily then when a woman is on top. When the woman is on top the sperm has to travel upstream making it a bit more difficult. 

2. Elevated Legs

Another great way to up your chances of pregnancy is putting your legs over his shoulders. This allows the sperm to get as close to the cervix as possible. 

3. The Back Hug

The chances of pregnancy are higher if the woman lies on her stomach and he lies on top. This position allows for a deeper penetration.

4. The Side Tango

Lying on your side also allows for a deeper penetration. You can use a pillow to tilt your pelvis for a better angle and for added comfort. 

5. The Tangled Tango

This position is a bit more complex but also allows for a deeper penetration. You should lay on your side with your knees slightly bent and he should sit with his legs folded in an upside down 'V'. His lower half should meet yours in a lower right angle. He should then place his upper leg over your lower leg then shift close enough to enter. 

6. Twist on the Missionary

This position is just like the missionary but with a small difference. You lie on your back with your partner on top, however, his legs will be extended out. If you elevate your hips you can easily wrap your legs around his waist which allows a deep penetration. 

7. Head over Heels

This is another twist on the missionary position. Lie on your back with him on top except this time you will raise your legs above your head for a deep penetration. This position also helps to find that sweet-spot which allows for double the stimulation.

8. The Reverse Cowgirl

This popular position can help boost your chances of pregnancy. He should lie on his back with you on top facing his feet. This position is adventurous and goes a long way in both stimulation and fun!

9. The Supergirl Pose

For this position you will lie on your stomach with your weight on your forearms. One of your legs should be bent to the side while the other is straight behind you. He will then straddle you with his weight on his arms. This positions calls for deeper pentrations which ups the chances of becoming pregnant. 

10. The Adventure

This adventurous position can help boost chances of prenancy as well. You should sit on the edge of some high furniture, support yourself with your arms behind you. He will stand with your legs wrapped around him.