5 Things You Should Do Before Summer Ends!

Now that the 4th of July has come and gone, you're probably starting to think, Wow -summer is really flying by! Before you know it, Labor Day will be creeping up on all of us. With just a little over two months left of summer, there's still time to do something fun - and a little out of the ordinary - to make it your most memorable verano yet!

1. Summer Things To Do: Learn to Drive a Stick

Learn How to Drive...Stick

Summer is the perfect time to pick out a hot ride, like a Mustang convertible (or the swanky glass roof edition), GT or Boss, and learn how to drive stick shift. It's definitely challenging at first, but learning to drive manual is a great skill to have if you're ever in a foreign country or want to race around a race track (Not a bad summer idea either!). Plus, how cool will you sound to your friends (or a guy) when you tell them you can drive stick?

2. Summer Things To Do: Train

Take a Train Trip...Without Booking Hotels

The U.S. was built by rail travel, so seeing the nation by train is an exciting spin on the classic road trip (Bonus: No one needs to drive, and you won't have to stop for bathroom breaks every hour!). Sites like airbnb.com and apps like Hotel Tonight have made it easy for travelers to plan affordable, on-the-fly trips almost anywhere. (Tip: Ask AirBnB hosts to make special offers to you for last-minute bookings, or book day-of on Hotel Tonight for an awesome deal.) Bored over a weekend? Hop on a train in your local city and see where it takes you!

3. Summer Things To Do: Video

Go Viral

Getting 15 minutes of fame on YouTube is easier than ever before. All you need is a great idea and some willing friends or family to film the video everyone's talking about! Spend some time chatting with friends to brainstorm an idea - sometimes the best video ideas are birthed from inside jokes. Then, cast your friends accordingly, take multiple takes of each scene, and spend a week learning a video editing software (There's tons of easy options, like iMovie to get you started.).

4. Summer Things To Do: Drive-In Movie

See a Drive-In Movie

With so many awesome summer flicks out and perfect summer nights, there's no better time to get the family together to watch the latest film. Drive-in movies are making a comeback all across the nation, with new & old locations popping up in cities across the country. Not sure where the nearest location is? Check out driveinmovie.com - they've got the details on outdoor theaters in almost all 50 states!

5. Summer Things To Do: Website

Create a Website That's All About You

If the summer heat's got you trapped indoors, you can use your time in the A/C wisely by creating that blog or website you've always wanted. Maybe you're trying to start up a side career catering food or becomming a freelance makeup artist? Either way, a website is a great way to brand both yourself and your business. Sites like Blogger.com and Wordpress.com make it easy to get your site up and running quickly - and you'll have fun customizing everything with themes and photos.