Flower Power!

Two weeks before Easter, in Mexico’s magical floating gardens of Xochimilco, the ancient goddess of flowers is honored in a four-day celebration. Take a cue from pre-colonial history: Welcome spring and indulge in a sensory experience of food and flowers—a combination that’s never out of season.

■ Send simple handwritten invitations adorned with pressed flowers; Brazilian bougainvillea add an elegant and unexpected touch (for techniques, see preservedgardens.com).
■ Download some music from lyrical chanteuses such as Césaria Évora, Aida Cuevas and Lila Downs for an inspired soundtrack during the party.
■ Use whimsical wrapping paper as a table runner (katespaperie.com).
■ Display tightly
arranged bou­quets of freshly cut Mexican dahlias or paper flowers (directfrommexico.com) in low vases throughout the house.
■ Serve food on white tableware, such as Crate and Barrel’s Orion appetizer and serving platters
(crateandbarrel.com), so your centerpieces will command all of the attention.
■ Stir drinks in large crystal pitchers and use Spanish floral tiles as chic coasters (abacoarte.com).
■ Offer tisana—Venezuelan sangria—with cava and passionfruit juice in champagne flutes
topped with sliced star fruit.
■ For a nonalcoholic option, prepare iced hibiscus tea (agua de jamaica). Serve in glass tumblers and garnish with a single hibiscus bloom.
■ Make a light lunch of arugula and mango jam salad sprinkled with edible nasturtium flowers from Peru, along with cilantro-pesto spaghettini.