Mami Talks: How to Finally Organize That Kitchen!

Mami Talks: How to Finally Organize That Kitchen!

For many families, the kitchen is the hub of the home. Whether it’s eating, entertaining guests or kids doing homework at the kitchen table, this room of the house always seems to get the most traffic. So it's no wonder that when your kitchen feels disorganized, you feel like your life is a bit of a mess.

Regardless if your kitchen is big or small, the following are a few organizational tips to maximize your kitchen space:

Arrange Items By Use

Arrange your kitchen for your family's needs, not for someone else's. Only use those small items (waffle irons, toasters, etc.) on weekends? Keep them stowed away until then. Keep everyday dining ware easily accessible in lower shelves and other infrequent items (like fine china) on higher top shelves.

Utilize Wall Space

Kitchens often have stretches of wall under cabinets or stove ranges. You can utilize these spaces by hanging hooks or racks to store hand towels, pots and pans. Consider hanging shelves with attached hooks for smaller kitchens.

Lazy Susan

Use a Lazy Susan to store condiments in the fridge or spices and baking items in a cupboard. This kitchen tool will help keep your countertops clear and your cabinets organized.

Shelf Organizers

Many hardware or home goods stores sell shelf organizers that can be installed easily into most cabinets. These are helpful in keeping aluminum foil, sandwich bags, napkins and brown paper bags organized and in a central location when making school lunches.

Utensil Holder

Make efficient use of your counter space by adding a stand up utensil holder to store all of your mixing spoons, spatulas and tongs. A stylish or personalized utensil holder can be a useful decorative piece to any kitchen décor.

Over-the-Door Storage

Use an over-the-door storage organizer in your pantry to add extra space. Try one that is transparent in color, or made of a wireframe, to easily find pantry foods.

With these simple organizational tips, it will help you to spend less time looking for things in your kitchen and more time with your family!

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