Mami Talks: Easy & Creative Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for children to express their creativity and learn the joy of giving to others. Homemade arts and crafts don’t always need to be messy, complicated or expensive. With simple objects that can be found in your home, you and your children can create fun gifts to share on V-Day (or anytime during the year).

Salt Dough Heart Necklaces
(courtesy of Jennifer Chung & Kinsights)

Mix together flour, salt and water and you’ve got your salt dough recipe ready to roll out and cut. You can use a small heart cookie cutter or a butter knife to create the heart shape. Don’t forget to make a hole in the heart with a pencil for threading the ribbon before you bake. Once baked, they are ready to paint. The best part about this craft is it lasts all year long, for years to come.

Painted Newspaper Hearts
(courtesy of Jennifer Chung & Kinsights)

Cover your table with newspaper (words are better than photos). Get out the washable watercolor paints and brushes. Then set your kids to work painting away on the newspaper. Hang the newspaper to dry. When dried, use a heart template and cut out lots of hearts. Glue onto postcards, construction paper or cardstock to make into Valentine’s Day cards. This craft is especially great for younger children.

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