Mami, My Way: Read This if You're Scared of Pregnancy & Birth

Courtesy of Verky Arcos

Pregnancy can be scary – but my experience may quell your fears.

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When I speak to fellow mamis to share our personal pregnancy, labor and delivery stories, the conversation usually goes like this:

Her: OMG! Toward the end of my pregnancy, I was so swollen and over it! Right?

Me: Nope. I wore heels and worked in an office up until the day I went into labor.

Her: Wow! And, those contractions?! I felt like I was going to die! I was in labor for 30 hours.

Me: You know, labor wasn’t too bad for me, and my actual deliveries, for both babies, were literally like 30 minutes.

I know when reading this, my “perfect” pregnancies and deliveries sound obnoxious, but I say this because I think it’s important for future mamis to hear a very positive perspective on a pregnancy and labor experience. I know many young women that tell me how afraid they are of pregnancy, the torture of contractions and giving birth, and while there is a chance that this will be their experience, there is also a possibility that it won’t – I’m living proof.

I’ve carried both a boy and a girl, and both pregnancies and deliveries were very similar. I didn’t get morning sickness, and I even felt the most beautiful I had ever felt as my belly grew. I didn’t crave a lot of junk food. What I craved was (this will sound annoying) crisp, cold romaine lettuce, steak and banana splits. I think when you are pregnant, it is the best eating experience you will have. It’s as if food, doesn’t matter what kind, just tastes so much better, and you eat it with so much gusto!

As I mentioned before, I worked in an office throughout my entire pregnancy, wearing heels most of the time and transitioning to wedges toward the end of my pregnancy. During my second pregnancy, at about seven and a half months, I had to fly to Los Angeles for 72 hours to style a last-minute fashion shoot.

When my contractions came, they were painful. I decided early on that I was getting an epidural because I knew too many women who had decided to do it with no medication, endured hours of the worst pain ever, and toward the end just couldn’t take it and finally decided on getting an epidural. That wasn’t going to be me. From a one to 10, I believe my contraction pains reached about five. I’ll admit, I exaggerated the level of contraction pain at the hospital, which may have resulted in getting the epidural before I reached my pain tolerance. This is why my labor experience wasn’t so bad and painful. After the epidural, it was more of a waiting game for me. I read magazines, responded to work emails and watched some TV.

When it was time to push, I gave it my all. I pushed about six times, and my baby entered this world.

My pregnancies may sound perfect, but, as we know, nothing ever is. One negative thing that I experienced, with both pregnancies, was episodes of my sugar level dropping, which caused me to blackout. It happened twice with Sienna and once with Roman, but it was still scary. To prevent this, I learned I had to carry a mint or candy with me, which I did and was well after that.

All in all, being pregnant was one of my favorite times in life, although not enough to have any more children.

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If all the negative stories have deterred you from getting pregnant, I hope my story helps you be more optimistic about what your experience may be. And, even if it’s not as easy-going as mine, once you have that little extension of you in your arms, you will realize it was all worth it and any negative experience would soon be replaced with happy and loving memories.