Coca-Cola's Mother's Day "Inseparable" Video Will Pull at Your Heartstrings

Coca Cola's Mother's Day "Inseparable" Video Will Pull at Your Heartstrings

One look at Coca-Cola’s Mother’s Day video, and you’ll be hugging mom for hours.

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Coca-Cola launched their new Mother’s Day video, titled “Inseparable”, which celebrates the remarkable and emotional journey of mothers and daughters. The video ends with a simple message, “This Mother’s Day, give mom the gift she wants most. Call her.”

Not only does Coca-Cola provide the necessary suggestion, its also a fun, interactive video. To show the ever-changing, loving, and sometimes tumultuous relationship between mothers and daughters, the video allows viewers to toggle between the perspectives of the mother, daughter, and grandson. The viewer can then see through the eyes of each character.

Upon finishing the video, viewers in the U.S. and Puerto Rico are encouraged to surprise their mom with a free, 3-minute phone call to anywhere in the world.

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Watch the video below, and do as it says – give mom a call for Mother’s Day!