Is Facebook Ruining Your Life?

Is Facebook Ruining Your Life?

Refresh. You have one new notification. Refresh. You have two new friend requests. Refresh. Your friend posted on your wall. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.

In theory, Facebook should make us more social. The site is structured around humankind’s need for communication and interaction. We’re constantly, sometimes annoyingly, connected to the world around us. We know what our best friend ate for lunch before she’s even finished chewing her first bite. We know what our brother is listening to on his computer from half-a-world-away. And hey, it’s a pretty great place for us to share pictures and updates about our own lives.

But, is being barraged by a constant flow of information actually doing us any favors? Is Facebook making us happier? 

New studies suggests it’s not. In fact, the popular social media site could actually be making us unhappy. And, more disturbingly, it could be making us less satisfied with our lives.

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