Fabulous Flowers For Your Casa!

Recent studies have shown that having flowers in a room can help improve emotional health by triggering happy emotions and feelings of satisfaction.The best bet is to place flowers in high traffic areas of your home like the foyer, kitchen, living room or dining room. Fresh cut flowers are a budget-friendly way to add some color and fragrance to your home and nothing says “Welcome to mi casa” like a beautiful floral display!

Florist Sonia Ochoa gives us the 411 on how to hook up an amazing floral arrangement on your own:

1. Sonia suggest that you line all your flowers up and separate them into piles on your counter top. First lay out your greens, then the flowers that you’ll be featuring and lastly the filler flowers like baby’s breath.

2. Clean the stems! Sonia says this will make your flowers last much longer. She also cautions against leaving any greenery on the stem below the water line! This will rot the water and make your flowers die faster. She also suggests clean some of the leaves from the tops of the flowers too to keep the nutrients and hydration going straight to the bulbs.

3. A great tip Sonia shared is to make sure the vase is a proportionate to the amount of flowers you have. If you only have a few flowers, use a vase with a smaller opening so that you can have a nice, tight arrangement.

4. Once you are ready to start arranging your bouquet, Sonia says to start by placing your greens in the vase. Follow with your main flowers and finish up with any filler flowers that you have.

Remember, be creative! Not all of us are artists or professional florists like Sonia but if you keep playing with different arrangements you'll eventually get something that you like. You don’t have to be an expert to create a beautiful arrangement that will light up your house!

To find out more about Sonia and her business Love Message Florist contact her at the address or phone number below!

14719 Rinaldi St.
Mission Hills, CA 91340

(866) LOVE628
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