EXCLUSIVE: Sabrina Soto Shares Her Top Tips on Summer Décor

Sabrina Soto Summer Entertaining Tips
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Sabrina Soto is one of the most sought after lifestyle and design experts. We caught up with the talented Cuban American to get tips on decorating your home — inside and out — this summer.

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Which items are worth the splurge?

Furniture and grill and the landscaping. Especially privacy landscaping like Ficus, it’s such an investment but so worth it. You just have to put that into your budget when you are updating your outdoor space. Also, don’t forget to splurge on covers to protect your investment!

What are some items that are worth saving on?

The small accessories — mostly because every year it’s a new color theme, new trends that come out, new designs so when it comes to those small little items, it’s not worth spending a bundle on. Quite frankly if you have kids, its not going to last anyways — if you have ceramic pieces they will get broken.

Is it possible to blend indoor home style with the patio area?

It’s about having cohesion again, it doesn’t have to completely connect but it should be in the same style, not necessarily in the same color palette just same style. Hampton Bay has this Tobago collection and it includes really unique and transitional modular furniture — its customizable and it comes in different fabrics. It’s really chic. It makes it very easy to bring your interior style to your outdoor space.

What some interior styles currently trending?

It’s not necessarily a trend but I love mixing vintage and modern. Even when I do a client’s house and they want everything looking like a clinic, just everything modern I still look to add a piece here and there that’s vintage otherwise it looks like a hospital. You need character in a space. A space should be collected over time, not a catalog.

Is there an interior style more cost-effective than most?

Modern décor, usually because everything is pretty in line but you can get away with it more than a very traditional opulent style.

What are some of your secrets for great interior finds?

Patience!  When you rush the design process you end up spending so much money. It’s always when you have the in-laws coming that you end up spending so much money because you are in a rush and you want to get everything done in a few days and you go and spend way more because you don’t have the time to wait and bargain shop. Right now, to be completely transparent, I don’t even have a coffee table nor rug in my living room because I know a sale is going to happen soon so don’t be desperate.

Would you recommend any vintage second-hand shops?

Yes, in New York City its Housing Works but any local Good Will works as well. Any mom and pop thrift stores are always great. I’m obsessed with Etsy! I really have a problem — it’s my favorite for crafts.

What are your go-to stores to find great décor within a small budget?

Etsy, HomeDepot.com and EBAY.