10 Wedding Trends For The Modern Bride

A wedding should be a magical affair, reflecting the couple's style sensibilities (whatever they may be) and celebrating their love and commitment. Modern brides know that Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr can often take the place of a traditional wedding planner, so we've scoured the sites for the scoop on the hottest wedding trends of the year. Click through to see 10 beautiful trends you'll want to incorporate in your own boda

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1. Naked Cake


Why does Friday get all the celebratin'? #happymonday (via @tome____) #nakedcake

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Despite the lack of fondant, naked cakes can make quite a style statement. With the addition of some artfully arranged flowers and powdered sugar, these frosting-free cakes make for a timeless (and delicious!) centerpiece your guests will never forget. 

3. Wedding Canopies


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Although wedding canopies — or chuppahs — have their roots in Judaism, they have become an increasingly prominant part of weddings in general. Couples have grown increasingly bold in their choice of chuppah — using branches, elaborate floral displays, papel picado, or suspended lighting to create a stunning overhead canopy, a symbolic representation of the home the couple will make together. 

4. Papel Picado


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Given the originality and vibrancy of Mexican culture, we couldn't be less surprised that the folk art of the country has become a wedding staple. Papel picado — rich, colorful paper cut with elaborate designs — make for gorgeous customizable wedding decor. 

5. Non-Traditional Rings.


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Diamonds aren't every girl's best friend. Gemstomes like sapphires, emeralds, aquamarines, rubies and pearls have all experienced a surge in popularity — as have non-traditional settings. Our advice? Choose a ring that fits your personality and reminds you of your promise to your partner, even if it's not a diamond. 

6. Food Trucks

Food trucks — once exclusive to the most hipster environs of Brooklyn and Austin — can now be spotted nationwide, hawking any and all kinds and cuisines of food. Slowly but surely, these portable kitchens have rolled their way onto wedding menus. For couples who just can't stand those boring three-course, chicken-heavy wedding meals, food trucks offer a quirky alternative and give guests plenty of options. 

7. Unexpected Locations

Churches, beaches, reception halls and gardens will always be hot spots for bodas, but more and more bold couples are making the choice to host their special day in unexpected locales. Really unexpected — atop active Hawaiian volcanos, inside caves lit with shimmering candles, or on cascading cliffs overlooking the ocean. Dream big, right? 

8. Suspended Decoration

More and more couples want the ambiance of their wedding to extend beyond the centerpieces and tablescapes. Look to the sky — what's hanging above your head can pack a serious aesthetic punch, whether it's lights, flowers or papel picado

9. Whimsical Guestbooks


Add a little fun to cocktail hour with these mad libs drink coasters. Directions on how to make them on the site now. #MarthaWeddings

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Skip the boring guestbooks, and give your guests a Mad Libs-inspired game that doubles as a cute keepsake for your wedding memory book. 

10. Unstructured Bouquets

Swap a structured bouquet for a fanciful, overflowing arrangement. The perfectly unpolished look adds a pop of whimsy and romance to the bridal look.