6 Things You'll See At a Latino Baby Shower

Baby on board? If you already have children, you may be familiar with the intricacies of a Latino baby shower. If this is your first time, listen up! You'll probably (read: definitely) see these six things at your Latino shower: 

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1. Baby Shower Traditions: Fiesta

A full-on fiesta: Everyone gets an invite to this shower: the men, the children, the second cousin you haven't seen in ten years. Everyone. Although the mommy-to-be can't imbibe in any alcohol, expect a cooler full of Coronas and a bar full of spirits for everyone else. After a drink or two, the whole family will head to the dance floor for a night of fun!

2. Baby Shower Traditions: Wicker Chair

The mother-to-be gets her own special seatingLa Reina — the pregnant mom — gets her own special throne: a wicker chair, usually white, decorated elaborately with ribbons and bows. Some party-throwers may even provide the mami with her own personalized umbrella to weather the shower. 

3. Baby Shower Traditions: Capias

An extra-special gift: All the guests walk away with a sweet reminder of their time at the baby shower: a capia, or a mini-corsage designed to match the theme of the party. These, from Etsy, feature Minions from Despicable Me. Too cute! 

4. Baby Shower Traditions: Baby Bottle Drinking Games

Some bizarre and wonderful baby shower games: Ever seen a grown woman or man suck a baby bottle? One of the wildest baby shower games involves asking your friends and family to chug from a baby bottle; whoever finishes first, wins. You may find the bottles filled with milk, juice, water... or maybe even tequila or rum. Salud, everybody! 

5. Baby Shower Traditions: Azabache

A bracelet with a tiny, black fist: Called El Azabache, these jet-black amulets protect new born babies against negative energy and the mal de ojo, the evil eye. 

6. Baby Shower Traditions: Ribbon Hat

A ribbon hat: Don't try to fight it. As you open gifts, your prima will definitely fashion a ribbon hat for you out of paper plates and the ribbons and bows from your opened present. You may look silly, but it's all in good fun!