Giving Gracias: 7 Ways To Add More Meaning To Your Thanksgiving Tablescape

Of course we all love the endless turkey and bottomless drinks, but Thanksgiving also gives us a chance to stop and reflect on what really matters: our family, our friends and our health. Now that I have a baby of my own, I want to start traditions that are all about gratitude. These are some of the ways I plan to add more meaning to my holiday table. Try them — you’ll thank me later.

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1. Gracias: 1

It’s easy to create a simple and meaningful Thanksgiving table. I tried to include rustic, natural elements while adding thoughtful and family friendly touches. 

2. Gracias: 2

Fall fruits and vegetables are perfect for creating a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece — pick pears, pumpkins, and figs to make a delicious decoration. Just place them inside of a decorative basket for an instant edible centerpiece.

3. Gracias: 3

Create menu cards for your Thanksgiving dinner to acknowledge the friends and family members who are providing their favorite dishes. You can even make recipe cards for guests to take home.

4. Gracias: 4

Honor loved ones by displaying their photos. All you need are printed family photos, candleholders, corks, and paper clips to include them on your table.

5. Gracias: 5

Have guests write their blessings on gift tags and place them in a box. Each person can read one aloud during or after dinner, and you can all discuss what you’re grateful for.

6. Gracias: 6

I love this addition to any table, write your guests name on a piece of grosgrain ribbon and coil them around a flower for each of your guests. You can even add a personal note by writing more on the ribbon you wind into the flower 

7. Gracias: 7

We all have a lot of abundance, so ask guests to bring their

unwanted clothing and shoes and then donate them to your local Goodwill store. Find one in your area at