Best Back-to-School Memes

That time of the year is approaching again as summer starts to dwindle down to its very last days, and commercials start dropping hints about going back to school. A host of mixed feelings hit you, on one hand, you're excited to see your friends again, but on another hand, your dreading those future assignments. Let's hope these memes help lighten your mood... 

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1. I Came to Slay


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For the first day of school let's face it you don't come prepared to learn but rather prepared to strut your new outfit! 

2. The End Is Near

You know the feeling: you're sitting at home watching your favorite TV show then out of nowhere you get hit with one of those "back-to-school'' commercials! 

3. Five More Minutes Please!

Getting accustomed to waking up early again for school is a struggle, give us a few days and our internal alarm clocks will catch up, hopefully! 

4. I'm Not Ready

Seriously, it's only day one and I'm not mentally prepared for all this work and pressure just yet! So if you don't know me then tough! #sorrynotsorry 

5. Prepping Yourself Mentally

Ahh yes! dealing with the other students you and your squad can't stand, and praying you guys don't get stuck in a group assignment together... 

6. Photoshoot Fresh

Brace yourselves, your timeline is about to be cluttered with back to school pictures, proceed with caution! lol 

7. Can I Live?

That one teacher that always give assignments on the first day, pero like can I get settled?

8. Can I 'Borrow' A Pencil

Trying to figure out how you got here, the term borrow obviously means keep. #trustissues