Watch Ana Ortiz Dressed Up as James Madison to School Everyone on the Constitution

Ana Ortiz is about to give you a little American history lesson. 

The actress took on the role of James Madison in a short film from We the Voters called #FoundingFathers, where she hilariously teaches everyone the importance of the Constitution in the present day. Ortiz has always been very open about the importance of voting and that's why she decided to participate in these hilarious short films. 

“[The films] were designed to inform, educate and inspire people to get activated and engaged in the voting process,” Ortiz told People. “I think a lot of people are just turned off and what ‘We The Voters’ does  — really beautifully —  is to make it fun.”

Thomas Jefferson (played by Harold Perrineau) and Benjamin Franklin (played by Mario Cantone) make an appearance to not only bring the laughs but explain to everyone what certain amendments mean and why they were put in the Constitution in the first place. 

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Prepare to get schooled in the video above!