11 Tattoos for People That Can't Get Enough of Avocados

From avocado toast to guacamole, agucates have swiftly taken over the internet.

Take your love for avocados to the next level with one of these tasteful tattoos. Trust us, they will definitely make you want to go out and get some ink.

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1. Sailor Avocado, is that you?!


2. This deadly aguacate for those who have a darker side.


3. Because eating avocados transport you to a tropical place every time.

4. Aren't avocados purr-fect!

5. Because avocados hold a special place in our corazones.

6. When they tell you guac is not extra!

7. This teeny tiny tattoo of an aguacate.

8. Fun Fact: Avocados are fruits.

9. This abstract masterpiece that will turn heads.

10. Because we need some good fat in our lives.

11. Talk about couple tattoo #goals!