EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Luisa Whittaker-Brooks Discusses Her L'Oreal Research Fellowship and Latinas in STEM

Awesome! What are some other practical applications? 

If you're running or jogging, the sun is hitting you, right? You have your phone, but you're not charging it. What if you used that sun power to charge your phone while you're jogging?

That would be amazing! So, you're Panamanian. Did you experience any culture shock when you moved to the U.S. to finish your education? 

I can go forever on this question! I went to school in Panama, and then I had the opportunity to study in the U.S. I decided to study at the University of Buffalo. I come from Panama–90 degrees all year round! And in Buffalo, New York–there’s no summer! It was more of a weather shock than a cultural shock. I can handle the cultural shock, because in America, you are around so many different cultures! 

Do you have any advice for aspiring Latina scientists? 

I actually do! What I always tell the Hispanics here is that we are ambassadors of our culture. We need to stand out and let people know that we have the brains to do things that will impact society. That’s what is important. That’s why I like to motivate people to go into science, especially Hispanics and African-Americans. 

Congratulations again, Dr. Luisa Whittaker-Brooks!