A Day in the Life of Latina Managing Editor Elaine Cipriano

What's it like to work at Latina? Check out a day in the life of Managing Editor Elaine Cipriano, as she breaks down her busy day -- and gives a sneak peek behind a Latina photo shoot! 

1. Elaine Cipriano 1

Do you like my picture? Being a Managing Editor feels like Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” many days. Last night we learned that some of the clothes we were planning to shoot for our beauty and fashion feature today were not going to arrive. So at 6 p.m. last night we were meeting about whether to postpone the shoot to another day, cancel it, or improvise. The contributing Fashion Editor, Janelle Grimmond, pulled new clothes from designers at the last minute and saved the shoot. It’s still on for today. Whew!

2. Elaine Cipriano 2

This morning we have our monthly lineup meeting. In a job that’s always full of meetings, this one is my favorite. It’s where all the magazine’s editors discuss every story that will be in an upcoming issue. We usually start this process about 4 months before the issue comes to you in the mail, so we’re always thinking ahead. It’s well-known that if you work in magazines, you always think about Christmas in July. Today I’m thinking about the end of summer for our August issue, and it’s 20 degrees outside.

3. Elaine Cipriano 3

Our issue lineup meetings can take 2 to 3 hours. Everyone brings big ideas and the discussion is always lively and collaborative. As we talk about stories, they often change with the staff’s feedback. Today we end up discussing race, family, parenting, body image, food, women we admire, things people talk about on social media, music we love, history, sex and marriage. 

4. Elaine Cipriano 4

I’m off to check in on our beauty and fashion shoot this afternoon at the Kimberly Hotel at 145 East 50th street, just a short walk from our offices. Look at this fish tank in the lobby! It reminds me of some for the fish I saw snorkeling in Tulum, Mexico, a few weeks ago.

5. Elaine Cipriano 5

Part of the shoot is on the rooftop penthouse of the Kimberly. There’s a great view of the Chrysler Building 30 floors up, and Danielle Terzian, the public relations rep for the hotel told me it opens for drinks at 5 p.m. and it’s gorgeous in the summer. I am SO coming back here for a drink after we close this issue.

6. Elaine Cipriano 6

There are a dozen people working on this shoot today. The photographer, Fernando Milani; his assistants; the hair and makeup stylists; Latina’s Beauty Editor Amanda Flores; Janelle, our contributing fashion editor; our photo editor; Ebby Antigua, the creative director; the model; and Danielle from the Kimberly.

7. Elaine Cipriano 7

Our model, Shana, is so easy to work with and looks gorgeous. She really loved this gold dress. “It’s so hot!” she said when she put it on. We had to make adjustments – even pulling the dress back with binder clips – but that’s just another quirk of shoots! She’s the only one who barely had a minute to eat lunch today.

8. Elaine Cipriano 8

Ricardo Dinis, the hairstylist, and Janell Geason, the makeup artist, both from Aveda, pop over to our model Shana after each shot to fix her hair and makeup. Janelle flew in from Minneapolis just for the day to do this, and Ricardo did 4 amazing hairstyles today.   

9. Elaine Cipriano 9

When we’re done, I head back to the office so I can pay bills, estimate what all that is going to cost us (!!!!), send out contracts for writers, find out how many pages this next issue is going to be and what ads are in. The first bounds of our latest issue just came in, and I’m so excited to bring them home. I almost never read the magazine after I send it to the printer, but my girls at home love to. I want them to see the story on Bella Thorne (their fave star of Shake It Up).