A Day in the Life of Latina’s Deputy Editor Grace Bastidas

What's it really like to work at Latina? Check out a day in the life of Deputy Editor Grace Bastidas, as she shows you a glimpse into her typical (busy!) day:

1. morning light

As Latina’s deputy editor, many of the subjects I tackle—décor, love, health, fitness, money, parenting—affect my life outside of the office, so I’m always thinking of stories that will resonate with our audience. From the moment I was woken up today by my little alarm clock, aka my 14-month-old daughter, I’ve been brainstorming ideas.

2. oatmeal

Since Latinas are at greater risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure and high cholesterol (sorry, but it’s true!), I’m on a constant mission to eat healthier and help readers do the same. Breakfast at home means oatmeal with raisins and bananas, which isn’t as exciting as the cheesy Colombian arepas I grew up with. And whenever I get a chance I love a BluePrint green juice packed with spinach and kale.

3. shakira

Once at the office, I’m editing stories, talking to writers on the phone about their ideas, reading about new research studies and meeting with our art team about how to make Latina’s content visually enticing for you, our audience. Occasionally I get to write, like that time I interviewed Shakira for our April cover story. As we compared notes about motherhood—our kids were born just over a week apart—I almost forgot she’s this international mega-star. That’s the thing about being a journalist, we get to meet people from all walks of life and ask them whatever we want without coming off as chismosas.

4. baby hands

Like many mamis, I’m still searching for that elusive work-life balance that comes with being a career-minded woman. Editing our parenting section gives me a chance to think about the differences between how I was raised (remember the dreaded chancla?) and how I want to bring up my daughter, whom I hope grows up bilingual. So far she can say “no” in English and Spanish—lucky me!

5. target

Home décor is one of my favorite subjects to work on. It’s the perfect excuse to sit around daydreaming about redoing my place without spending a penny. I especially love attending product previews. Today I stopped by Target’s Summer Style preview with Latina’s Beauty Editor Amanda Flores and was reminded by the chiseled swimsuit models working the event that I need to hit the gym. 

6. guy issues

Working with mostly women gives me plenty of material for our love & relationship section. We’re always gabbing about men, from the ones we feature in Latina to the ones we go home to. And since we’re currently working on our June/July Hot Guys issue, that conversation is totally legit office talk.

7. street view

Whenever I work on our money section I am reminded of an old song titled “No Tengo Dinero,” so my M.O. is to always tell readers how to make more money and how to save the money they have. Speaking of dinero, our offices are located on Manhattan’s Madison Avenue, one of New York City’s most expensive areas, which means plenty of window-shopping!

8. soup tlk

I also work closely with The Latin Kitchen editor Amanda Cargill on our recipe pages, which involves more drooling than eating while looking at menu ideas. After a long day of thinking about food, I usually head home, but tonight I’m craving sancocho, so I’m going to a hole-in-the-wall spot known for its hearty soups. To see more, follow me on Instagram @brooklynwriter. Buenas noches!