A Day in the Life of Latina Associate Editor Priscilla Rodriguez

As the Associate Editor for Latina magazine’s website, it’s my job to keep you guys up to date on all that’s going on in the celebrity and entertainment world, as well as alerting the digital team of any pertinent news affecting or that may be of interest to the Latino community. So what exactly does that mean? Lots of reading, writing and research; brainstorming ideas; tons of emails and meetings; a lot of running around to events; and -- one of my personal favorite tasks – interviewing the stars! It’s a lot, but I love my job! Here’s a look into what a day in my life looks like:

1. Twitter & Email

Like many of my colleagues, there’s no typical day for me. Every morning, I get up at roughly 5:45 a.m. and immediately begin checking what’s trending on social media and buzzing on entertainment sites. When you work in the digital world, the news cycle is 24/7, so I have to make sure nothing happened (like someone dying) while I was “offline.” After that, it’s time to start waking up my 9-year-old for school and getting a bottle ready for my 1-year-old. My husband is very supportive, so he often takes over these tasks so I can continue checking company email and get ready to head in to the office.

2. Celebrity Websites

I’m usually in the office between 8:30 and 8:45 a.m. depending on how my commute goes that day (NYC MTA, I really hate you most days!). Once I’m in the office, I look over our daily trending email to see which stories have been assigned to me for the day. Unless our Senior Editor is out that day, in which case it’s my job to take over her usual tasks of assigning pieces and creating the editorial lineup for the day. I then check some of my favorite celebrity news outlets (on the left) to make sure we haven’t missed anything. After that, I will either begin writing stories or emailing publicists who might have contacted me the night before. Since I’m dealing with publicists in NY and Los Angeles, there will be times a publicist will reach out at 10 p.m. and need a response by the next morning!

3. Latina.com

Writing for Latina.com is the biggest task on my daily to do list. One of the things of writing so many pieces of content on a daily basis is that writer’s block hits….and often! There are times where the words just don’t flow the way you want them to and the thoughts don’t produce as quickly as you’d like. As a digital editor, you always have to be quick and that means churning copy as fast as possible. Don’t want your boss wondering why it’s 2 p.m. and that piece on J.Lo and Marc Anthony's divorce from this morning still hasn’t been published. No bueno!

4. Celebrity Interviews

My job is very celebrity-centric, so you can say I’m basically our online entertainment editor. I’m responsible for booking all the celebrity interviews you see on Latina.com. (Loved our piece on Rita Moreno? Great -- I booked that one and conducted the interview!). This means I’m also dealing with talking to publicists day in and day out to secure time with celebrities to discuss their latest projects. Interviewing celebrities also means I have to be on top of the latest news and I have to be sure to research as much as possible so that I’m asking all the right questions. But when it’s time to hit the ground running, I’m either on the phone chatting it up like I would any of my friends or paying them a visit (like I did with Angie Martinez last month in her studio at Hot 97 and Prince Royce at his performance in NYC earlier this year).

5. Movie Screenings

Attending advanced movie screenings is also a big part of what I do here at Latina. In order to determine whether or not the film is something we’d cover or to prep for an upcoming interview, I go see movies several weeks before they hit theaters. In the past couple weeks I’ve seen Blended (starring Bella Thorne), X-Men: Days of Future Past (featuring Adan Canto as Sunspot), and Godzilla (go see Victor Rasuk in this one). My husband loves this about my job because I’m sometimes able to bring him along and it gives him a chance to see all the movies he’s looking forward to seeing before everyone else. Do I get good wife points or what?

6. Press Trips

Another cool (but often exhausting) part of my job is going on press trips. After a full day at the office, I head home to pack and say bye to my family before heading off to the airport to catch my flight. These trips can last anywhere from one day to three days, depending on the focus of the trip. April was a rare month for me, because I had to jet set off for two trips – one was a visit to the set of Graceland (season two begins June 11 on USA!) and the other was to Disney World (I know, tough life). Both really fun, but Disney World was amazing because I got to take my family along with me and test out their upcoming Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride (so cute and fun!). The itineraries for press trips are often really intense, keeping me busy the whole time I’m there. And traveling for events doesn’t always mean my mind is completely out of the office; I’m still responding to emails and working on stories while I’m away. 

7. Latina magazine

As Associate Editor, it’s my job to write up the page in Latina known as “Latina Digital.” This is where I’ll call out online stories that readers will want to know about. For example, in our June/July issue with Romeo Santos, I highlighted a piece on bridesmaids dresses since it’s hitting during wedding season. In addition to the “Latina Digital” page, I also get to write varied stories for print. Last month I was responsible for working on two other pages for our August issue – one that I can’t reveal to you yet (wink) and the other was our feature in our All Access section called “The Guide.” This is where we tell you all about the cool entertainment stuff that will be hitting your screens and speakers.