DAY 6: Travel


Going somewhere for the holidays? Plan like a pro.

TIP 1: Write out a list in advance of the trip. Packing becomes much more efficient when it’s not you standing in front of the suitcase overwhelmed and thinking, “Hmmmmmm, what else do I need?” in between each and every item you add.

TIP 2: Pack separates and staples when possible. You can create endless mix and match options with just a few key pieces and fun accessories. It’s actually a pretty cool challenge.

TIP 3: Think about pack-ability for clothing and cosmetics. Some fabrics bounce back after a long flight. Some don’t. Many toiletries and beauty essentials come in beautiful but very heavy packaging. Pick up travel containers or ask for samples.

TIP 4: Protect your goods. Toss spike heels into shoe bags (or any old bags) to protect your delicate fabrics. Wrap anything glass in tube. Always always always carry on jewelry, valuables and fragile gifts.

TIP 5: Enjoy the ride. Some of the best holiday stories happen not at the destination but en route to it. Sing songs in the car. Play games on the plane. Make memories.


Before I leave for the airport I find the brightest bow I have and tie it in a double knot to a handle on my suitcase. Trust me, this bright detail will make it easy to identify when waiting for your luggage at baggage claim!” – Sonia Castaneda

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