DAY 4: Beauty

The hottest 2012 holiday trend is beauty’s dynamic duo: jet-black liner & crimson lips. We’re dishing on the insider tips and tricks you’ll need to rock them!

Start by making short ultra-fine dashed lines using a gel or liquid liner starting from the inner corner working your way to the outer corner. Increase the intensity and thickness of the line as you near the outer corner. For the flare, extend the line up and out, following the invisible guide of the line that would connect the outer corner of the eye to the tail of the eyebrow. Correct any imperfections with a cotton bud dipped in oil-free makeup remover or even moisturizer. Then, if necessary, clean up and perfect with concealer.

The most important (and most often skipped!) step for a perfect pout is lip prep. Remember, dramatic color will only draw more attention to dry, chapped lips. So start by exfoliating lips and coating them in a hydrating balm. Do the rest of your makeup first and then blot off whatever balm remains on the lip. Line and fill lips with a lipliner that matches the lipstick. Apply your lipstick. Then dust translucent powder over the lipstick. This series of layering and setting will give the lip lasting power. If you prefer a glossy cherry to a stained burgundy, top lips with a high-shine lacquer or a sparkly gloss.

“In the winter, trade out bronzer for blushes in plums and pinks.  For a wintery glow, add a champagne or light pink highlighter along the tops of cheekbones.” – Cindy Diaz

Giving good face requires the proper tools, like this Dior Holiday Travel Brush Set, valued at $62.