DAY 2: Tradition


The holidays are the perfect time to reconnect with your culture. So, in addition to the ever-important kiss, here are 5 Latino New Year’s Eve traditions to honor and enjoy based on your resolutions and goals.

1.    SUERTE: For each stroke of midnight, eat a grape and make a wish. The tradition of 12 grapes is said to bring prosperity and luck in the year ahead.

2.    FELICIDAD: Don a pair of yellow undies on New Year’s Eve to ensure happiness in 2013.

3.    AMOR:
Swap the yellow for red if you’re looking for love.

4.    AVENTURA: Seeking adventure and distant places? Take a hike. With a suitcase. Around the block. Your year will be filled with travels.

Bang on pots and pans in the streets to keep negative energy away.

Of course, nothing ties people tighter to their roots than food! This year, host a holiday party where everyone brings a dish representing their culture. From codero to bacalao to tamales to ponche, it’s sure to make for a memorable feast.

“On Noche Buena, gather the whole family together for a large feast and linger at the table for hours telling stories with traditional holiday music playing in the background.” – Cindy Diaz

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