The 10 Coolest Back-to-School Supplies Out There

Start the school year off in style! From colorful notebooks to sleek folders, these totally cool school supplies will keep you organized all year long.

1. Cool School Supplies: Jonathan Adler

Stylish Scribe

Why use a boring black pen when you can scribe with something vibrant and totally chic? Accessorize your writing hand with this chevron printed pen.

Where To Buy: Jonathan Adler Stepped Diamond Ink Pen, $20,

2. Cool School Supplies: Claire's Locker

Locker D-I-Y

Give your locker a pop of color and keep it organized with this cute magnetic holder.  

Where to Buy: Floral Cutout Manetic Locker Holder, $7.50,


3. Cool School Supplies: Kate Spade Journals

Adorable Journal

Who said taking notes has to be boring? Ditch the standard loose-leaf and opt for these oh-so-adorable journals.

Where to Buy: Darcel Journals, $25,

4. Cool School Supplies: MOR Pencil Case

Stylish Storage

Store your pencils in style with this art deco-inspired case. Bonus: This could totally work as a little clutch for a night out.

Where to Buy: MOR Cosmetics New York Pencil Case, $18,


5. Cool School Supplies: Color Block Notepad

Sticky and Sweet

Colorblocking isn’t just for fashion. Just take a look at these adorable stickies!

Where to Buy: Color Block Notepad, $17,

6. Cool School Supplies: Pac Man Stapler

Staple Pac

Channel your inner-gamer by chomping down on your papers with this cool Pac-Man stapler.

Where to Buy: Leader of the Pack Stapler, $15,



7. Cool School Supplies: Ladybug Calculator

Bug Out

Are you a mult-tasker? Then you’ll love this ladybug calculator! This little lady does math, holds a photo and sharpens your pencils all at the same time!

Where to Buy: Magnetic Ladybug Calculator, $10,

8. Cool School Supplies: Tape Dispenser

Say Cheese

Have fun taping up those art projects with this camera-inspired dispenser.

Where to Buy: Poulain Tape Dispenser, $24,


9. Cool School Supplies: Calendar

Is It Summer Yet?

Start the countdown for summer with this chalkboard-inspired calendar.

Where to Buy: Paper Source Chalkboard Calendar, $30 at

10. Cool School Supplies: Tiger Folder

Fierce Folders

Make your desk rawrrrrr with these totally fierce tiger printed folders.

Tiger Animal Print File Folders, $12,