Commentary: Why I'm Pro-Life

As a child from a traditional Mexican-American home, I have always been pro-life. When I was younger I thought abortion was wrong simply because it kills a baby. Working as Director of Latinos4Life, an educational outreach based in California’s Central San Joaquin Valley for the past seven years has given new meaning to being pro-life. I have had the incredible privilege to serve firsthand in the stressful situations men and women find themselves in when facing an unplanned pregnancy and contemplating abortion.

Several years ago a woman approached me at a Cinco de Mayo event. I had set up a display of several pictures of a developing fetus in the womb along with some life size fetal models. A tear began to roll down her cheek as I spoke with her. She thanked me for my work and said that she wished she would have seen it years ago before her own abortion.

She later sent me a message saying: “I knew how bad I felt, but didn’t realize just how deep the wound would go… it is so sad, and sometimes I feel like I can never forgive myself.” Many women suffer because of abortion. I have friends, relatives, and current and former co-workers who have made the painful decision to abort; my attitude towards them is one of understanding and compassion, not condemnation and judgment.