Get Ready to Party: Cinco De Mayo Dos And Don'ts

We are officially a day away from the non-holiday Cinco de Mayo! Here are some do's and don'ts to keep in mind for your celebration (c'mon, we know you'll be having a margarita... or three).

Don’t Hang Out With People Who Think Cinco de Mayo Stands For Mexican Independence Day

It’s all about the crowd you roll with on Cinco de Mayo. So, if some of your friends think Cinco de Mayo stands for Mexico’s Independence Day – school them with a little bit of history. The holiday is actually celebrated on September 16th and stands for the official date Mexico broke free from Spanish rule.

Let some of your who-cares-let’s-just-get-drunk crew know that Cinco de Mayo actually stands for the day a Mexican army defeated the French in the town of Puebla. We’re sure they will drink to that too.

Do Grub on Great Mexican Food

We don’t need the festival day to come around for a reason to order some savory mole enchiladas or tacos al pastor, but since it’s here (and falls on a Saturday) why not have another excuse to indulge in your favorite Mexican dishes? Whether you are hitting up your favorite Mexican restaurant or deciding to make some at home, it’s all good! 

Don’t Be Stumbling Your Way Through A Bar Crawl

Sure bar crawling is fun, until someone makes a fool out of himself or herself. Avoid being filled with regret the next day (not to mention the nasty hangover) by drinking plenty of water and knowing when to put down that margarita or tequila shot. (We know, it's hard.)

Do Make a Fresh Margarita

Not even your frenemy should be subjected to an at-home margarita that tastes like cough syrup-spiked punch. Instead use fresh fruits and make your own simple syrup by boiling equal parts of white and sugar in a pot. Of course, don't forget the tequila.

Do Get Home Safe

Muchachas, we don't need to be hearing about you in the news. Make sure you have a designated driver or go home with a sober friend (buddy system!). Enjoy and salud!