WATCH: Brazilian Charity Has Cartoons Going Bald In Support Of Children With Cancer

Bald Garfield in Brazilian charity GRAACC commercial

Warning: Grab a tissue (or the whole box) before you watch this video. 

A Brazilian charity is using Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Garfield, Hello Kitty, and more animated characters to show children with cancer that bald is beautiful. 

GRAACC collaborated with animators to create Bald Cartoons, a project that aims to empower children with cancer to feel less afraid and self-conscious about losing their hair.  

In a heartbreaking moment, several children with cancer spoke about the stares and looks they receive from people on the street. "I wanted people to understand that we are not sick because we want to [be]," one child says. If you're crying now, just you wait. 

The video cuts to a screen that reads, "A child with cancer deserves to be seen just like any other child." Next, it launches into a series of clips showing off some well-known cartoon characters -- all without their locks of hair! The children begin to smile as they see characters on screen that look like them. 

The response to the heartwarming project was overwhelmingly positive. 120 million people were impacted, and over 91% of social media users supported the endeavor, including the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, who tweeted her support. 

And what about the children? Well, they loved it. 

"I think it will be more normal to see a bald child," says one of the children. "Because everyone will see on TV, everyone in Brazil will see on TV."

A teenager chimes in, "You have to be proud of each and every bald kid you see, because this person is fighting for life. And I think this is pretty dignifying." 

Watch the inspirational video below and learn more about the project