World's Biggest Baby Born in Mexico

Whoa, baby!

The world’s biggest baby was born in Mexico last week, weighing in at a whopping 14 pounds and 8 ounces! Ouch!

The record-shattering baby was born to the Flores Hernandez family in a border city of Juarez, Mexico, and has been named Dilan Aram.  

According to the Mexican newspaper Norte de Juarez, Dilan’s parents were far from prepared for such a large baby.

"At first I was amazed, and frightened at the same time," the baby’s father, Cesar Hernandez told the newspaper. "Maybe he is ill, I thought, but my baby is big and healthy."

In fact, Dilan is so big and healthy that at only a week old, he requires diapers designed for 6-month-olds, and does not fit into any of the baby clothes his parents bought in anticipation of his arrival. Because Hernandez lost his job over half a year ago, the infant's size has contributed greatly to the family’s financial woes.