Tips on keeping your family healthy during cold season

Brrr….winter still has a long way to go, and that means cold season won’t let up anytime soon. While there’s not much you can do about the weather, there are easy steps you can get with your family to prevent colds or stop them from spreading:

– Eat right, sleep tight, exercise. Smart habits keep everyone in the best possible shape to fight off illness. Aim for five daily servings of vegetables/fruits, a diet balanced with whole grains and lean dairy, plenty of shut-eye, and healthy activity.

– Up your water intake. Drinking lots of water gives your family two key cold-fighting benefits. First, it helps keep mucus in nasal passages running clear (thickened mucus is less able to sweep out germs, and more of a breeding ground for bacteria). Second, plenty of water will help any illness pass through your system more quickly.

– Wash hands often. Cold germs are often spread by hand - think of how many times we all touch our faces, then touch something else - so wash, wash, wash those hands! If you can’t get to soap and water, use a hand sanitizer.

– Clean common areas. Household items that are touched often, and by many different family members, can easily pass cold germs. Be extra careful to clean things like doorknobs, table tops, a computer mouse and keyboard and remote control devices. Use disposable cleaner, such as paper towels, rather than sponges (they can be breeding grounds for germs).

Be prepared for anything. Winter chills and ills may find you unexpectedly snowed in or bedridden!  So stockpile essentials such as food and medications to prevent being caught short. Don’t forget bath tissue! Angel Soft® Tissue is not just soft to the touch, but now stronger than ever*. Have an ample supply of Angel Soft® on hand in case you’re sidelined by winter woes.

– Get outside. When weather permits, bundle the kids up and let them play outdoors - it gives them a break from all the germs that can circulate in stuffy indoor air. And spring is coming soon!

*when wet