5 Reasons the Next Steve Jobs Will Be Latino

With the release of Jobs, a biopic starring Chris Ashton Kutcher as the American visionary, we started thinking when will the next Steve Jobs arise. Regardless of when she or he does come forth, we’re betting it will be one of us and here’s why:

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We Like to “Like”

According to new study by the Pew Institute, 80 percent of U.S. Latino adults use social media—which more than whites (70 percent) and African Americans (75 percent). In all the hashtagging and liking Latinos do on social media websites, a genius idea is bound to happen. 

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We Heart Tech

We’re techies! According to E-Marketer, Latinos own more Internet-enabled TVs, e-readers, iPads, and tablet PC than the average non-Latino consumer. Just call us Inspector Gadget!

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Power in Numbers

The U.S. Latino population is projected to hit 100 million by 2050. It is by far the youngest and fastest growing minority in the states. 100 million? We’re pretty sure we can find the next 100 Steve Jobs in the bunch.

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It Takes a Village . . .

The Latinos currently in Silicon Valley are waiting to help the next Steve Jobs. Even though, the community is still in its formative stages, there are plenty of groups ready and willing to aid the next generation of Latinos in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) jobs. Groups like Hispanic-Net, Silicon Valley Latino, Latinos a Morir, etc.

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It’s Destiny

Latinos descend from some of the most powerful empires (Aztec, Inca, Maya) the world has ever seen. We also have African and European blood running through our veins—we have the best of all worlds. History eventually repeats itself and this time it’ll come in the form of a technological innovation.