Whitney Biennial 2008

The premiere art exhibition in the country features 12 of our up and coming artists!

1. Whitney Biennial William Cordova

William Cordova:

The House that Frank Lloyd Wright built 4 Fred Hampton and Mark Clark, 2006 (installation view, Arndt & Partner, Berlin, 2006). Wood, books and suspended drawing, dimensions variable. Collection of the artist; courtesy Arndt & Partner Berlin

2. Whitney Biennial Bert Rodriguez

Bert Rodriguez:

The Five Chinese Brothers, from "A Bedtime Story" series, 2006- present. Performance, Miami, December 7-9th, 2006, every evening at 9:00 pm. 

3. Whitney Biennial Coco Fusco

Coco Fusco:

A Room of One's Own: Women and Power in the New America. Performance, P.S. 122, New York, 2006

4. Whitney Biennial Daniel Joseph Martinez

Daniel Joseph Martinez:

Divine Violence, 2007 (intallation view, The Project, New York). Automotive pain on wood panel, dimensions variable.

5. Whitney Biennial Eduardo Sarabia

Eduardo Sarabia:

Babylon Bar, 2006. Handmade ceramic tiles and rosewood, 48 x 48 x 48 in. (121.9 x 121.9 x 11.9 cm). Collection of the artist; courtesy 1-20, New York.

6. Whitney Biennial Javier Telléz

Javier Telléz:

Production still from Letter on the Blind, For the Use of Those Who See, 2007. 16mm film transferred to high-definition video, color, cound; approximately 35 min. Collection of the artist; Commissioned by Creative Time, as part of Six Actions for New York City, co-produced by Peter Kilchmann Gallery. Courtesy Peter Kilchmann Gallery. Copyright Javier Tellez. Photograph by Cleverson

7. Whitney Biennial Mario Ybarra

Mario Ybarra:

Installation view, Latitude, LA Artcore, Los Angeles, 2007. Courtesy Anna Helwing Gallery, Los Angeles.

8. Whitney Biennial Mika Rotenberg

Mika Rotenberg:

Production still from Cheese, 2007. Digital video, color, sound; approximately 12 min. Collection of the artist.

9. Whitney Biennial Natalia Almada

Natalia Almada:

Still from Al Otro Lado, 2005. Digital video, color, sound; 66 min. Collection of the artist.

10. Whitney Biennial Ruben Ochoa

Ruben Ochoa:

If I had a rebar for every time somone tried to mold me, 2007. Rebar, annealed wire ties, and dobie blocks, dimensions variable.